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            I have worked individually, with writers of poetry and fiction, from all over the country, and while I taught in Philadelphia, Memphis, and currently, in the Asheville area.  I work one-on-one in face-to-face settings, but I also have students who live out of town, and work with me long-distance, via phone, email and skype.  In addition, writers often ask me to read and comment on their chapbook or other manuscripts, assisting with titles, ordering, etc.  My students have won serious book awards as well as published with small presses.

Great Smokies Creative Writing Poetry Workshop, Spring 2018

Riding the Wings of Pegasus: Poetry as Solace and Sublime


Black Mountain Center for the Arts, 225 West State Street, Black Mountain, Mondays, 1:00 to 3:30pm, from February 19th 2018, through April 30th, 2018.  (April 30th is our "snow" day, in case of cancellation)


            Many of us turn to writing poetry and to reading it, for its ability to lift us up, to connect with a sense of presence.  In ancient Greek Myth, Pegasus was the divine  winged stallion, which represented poetry's ability for flight.  A famous poet I know has him tattooed on her lower back!  The poems we read will represent the witty, the dry, the comic, the combination of beauty and terror that creates the sublime, the celebratory, the reverent, the compassionate.  Their strategies will range from the traditional to the "documentary."  This course will offer participants an opportunity to read poems that reflect those poetic qualities, and inspire, through a series of optional exercises, participant poets to write more!  While our main focus will be on participant poems, we will read new poems by Lauren Camp and Cynthia Hogue, and classics by Galway Kinnell, Yusef Komunyakaa, Eugenio Montale, Sylvia Plath, James Wright, Frank O'Hara, Theodore Roethke, Philip Larkin, Lucille Clifton, Tom Lux and Richard Wilber. 

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