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            I have worked individually, with writers of poetry and fiction, all over the country, and while I taught in Philadelphia, Memphis, and currently, in the Asheville area.  Currently, I work one-on-one in face-to-face settings, but I also have students who live out of town, and work with me long-distance, via phone, email and skype. In addition, writers often ask me to read and comment on their chapbook or other manuscripts, assisting with titles, ordering, etc.  My students have won serious book awards as well as published with small presses.

I will be available for tutorials at $70. per hour, $80. per hour if I read and comment on a chapbook or manuscript.  I give you marginal comments and a "report," with suggestions on titles, subtitles, ordering of mss. etc.


Great Smokies Creative Writing Poetry Workshop, Fall 2017, Tina Barr 

The Poetry of Politics

Mondays from 1:00pm to 3:30pm, September 11th through November 13th.  (Please hold November 20th open as a weather cancellation date.)  Black Mountain Center for the Arts, 225 West State Street, Black Mountain, NC 28711


This course will consider poems on the politics of war, genocide, racism, gender, damage to the earth, and tangentially, religion.  The class will be structured, so that we spend time each week on a poem by an outside writer, studying its prosody and meanings.  We will devote the remainder of the class time to participant work.  Optional writing assignments will be provided.  We will delve into the power of poems by Lao-Tzu, Natasha Tretheway, W. B. Yeats, Adrienne Rich, Paul Celan, Jayne Cortez, Kay Ryan, Nazim Hikmet, James Dickey, Jean Toomer, and James Wright.  Their styles are wildly varying, from the formal, to the vernacular, to the performance-oriented, from the grand to the explosive to the terse.  Participants will be encouraged to experiment with different tonal registers themselves, as well as varying forms.  The class is open to both "new" writers, as well as those who are more experienced. 




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