Medieval World May 14, 2012

This last Saturday morning I stopped at the tail end of the tailgate market behind the Baptist Church in Black Mountain, which is about 10 minutes from where we live.  It was like being at a Medieval Fair.  I talked with a beekeeper husband and wife team from Swannanoa, who had me taste their spun cinnamon honey.  They made beeswax candles by pouring the wax into molds, including these tiny little yellow labs.  I love beeswax candles because they smell of honey.  There was a woman who made her own cosmetics, signs for rabbit and eggs for sale, a huge pot of leeks.  From another stand I bought a head of lettuce and some white small turnips, assured by the farmer that they were sweet and I could put them raw into salad.  I tasted homemade cow cheese, redolent with really strong flavor.  There was a woman dutifully putting away a lot of cookies, and I bought some yeasty whole wheat bread from her, which I tore apart and had with soup for dinner.  A young man wheels his whole array of goods down the street from where he lives in a little red wagon. His name is Windfox, and he is an herbalist.  I bought some dark colored bug repellant spray, which contains some herbal tintures poisonous to ticks.  It did keep off mosquitoes when I walked down through the woods along our gravel road.  I also talked to another man named Joe, in overalls, with a strong North Carolina accent, who grew up around here and can supply Windfox with various roots and herbs.

Midafternoon I went downtown for the 27 Views of Asheville writers reading, including Sharyn McCrumb, Ron Rash, Tommy Hayes, and Holly Iglesias, which was fantastic.  About 15 writers managed to read within 60 minutes, most very good.  And this is just an ordinary Saturday in the land of Adventure. 


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