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            I have worked individually, with writers of poetry and fiction, from all over the country, and while I taught in Philadelphia, Memphis, and currently, in the Asheville area.  I work one-on-one in face-to-face settings, but I also have students who live out of town, and work with me long-distance.  In addition, writers often ask me to read and comment on his or her chapbooks or other manuscripts, assisting with titles, mss. ordering, etc.  My students have won serious book awards, the Vassar Miller Book Prize, the Guy Owen Prize from the Southern Poetry Review, The James Dickey Prize from Five Points Journal, for example, as well as published with small presses.

Saturday, September 7th, Pittsboro, NC, sponsored by NC Poetry Society (Revision workshop)

Fall Pure Poetry Classes at the Cabin, 8 weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays (2019) by invitation only.
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