Writing and Teaching

          I believe in lifelong learning, and the transformative power of writing.  My experience in teaching poetry has allowed me to continue to grow as both a writer and an educator.  I first began teaching poetry at Temple University in the 1980s, where I earned a Masters Degree (1987) and a doctorate (1995) in the study of English Literature.  I had received an M.F.A. in creative writing from Columbia University's School of the Arts in 1982.  So I bring to my teaching the rigor of my academic training in the literary tradition, in addition to my background in creative writing. 


          I work one on one via phone and Skype, as well as in workshop settings.  I support my students, whether they are just beginning to explore writing for personal enrichment or whether they become published writers.  I love the process of introducing readers to the richly dynamic tradition of literature, from across time and across cultures, from the narrative to the experimental.  In classes and tutorials, we talk about and analyze meaning, technique, and writing strategies. I encourage those who work with me to broaden their knowledge and to challenge themselves.  I offer assignments as well as work with those who have in mind specific projects.


          Writers consult me about individual poems, as well as manuscripts.  Based on client requests, I have supported fiction writers as well as poets, written website materials, articles for commercial magazines, proposals, as well as book reviews. 

             Teaching Experience & Awards 

         I bring to my teaching thirty years of experience.  I taught poetry at Temple University, the University of the Arts, and as Associate Professor and Director of the Creative Writing Program at Rhodes College in Memphis, as well as in continuing education programs and in private workshops,  My students have won fellowships to study poetry at the University of Michigan, New York University, University of Las Vegas at Nevada, the University of Alabama, the University of Mississippi, and attended Columbia University, Johns Hopkins, the University of Edinburgh, Emerson, the University of Indiana at Bloomington, Duke University, the University of Missouri, and the New School.  A number of them have won book awards. 

           I have received faculty teaching awards from Temple University and Rhodes College. 
Currently I teach in the Great Smokies Writing Program in the Graduate Center at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. 


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