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I love to write.  I bring the rigor and discipline of my academic training to my work in writing articles for magazines, website writing, proposals and other kinds of prose.  In addition I work with other writers, including prose writers and poets, in tutorials, as well as teaching writing in college classes and lifelong learning settings.  I assist others in editing, synthesizing and shaping materials they have written.

I help others to transfer the visions in their imaginations onto the page, whether they are poets or prose writers, whether I am assisting them to write or producing written material for them.  As we envision what it is we want to say, to best present ourselves through words, our imaginations set the small fires of those visions. I assist others in putting what is imagined, a poem, essay, project idea, a business plan, or the trajectory of a novel, onto the page.

A phoenix represents the force of the imagination, whether it drives a poem or the concept behind a business.

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