I have been writing, teaching and publishing since the 1980s. 

I love to write.  I bring the rigor and discipline of my academic training to my work in writing.  As an Associate Professor at Rhodes College, where I was hired to direct their creative writing program, I developed courses that combined the study of literature with the study of technique in writing.  Recently, after relocating to western North Carolina, I've been fortunate to have continued to teach college-level writing courses.  I continue to develop new classes, as well as working in tutorials with local as well as distance learners.  

I help beginning and experienced writers to transfer the visions in their imaginations onto the page, whether they are poets or prose writers. 

I honed my own prose-writing skills in writing my dissertation, and subsequently in writing articles for literary journals as well as book reviews, but I have also written articles for commercial magazines, done writing for websites, proposals and other kinds of prose as clients have needed my assistance. 


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