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Green Target, Barrow Street Press Poetry Prize, 2018, judged by Patricia Spears Jones
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Hear Tina interviewed on "All Things Considered" on Blue Ridge Public Radio.

"It was a challenge and pleasure to read these lyric and narrative poems made by a poet who uses her sophistication to consider the lives of those for whom so much has been denied and whose rage now makes targets of us all." Patricia Spears Jones
"These poems are contained, lucidly wrought, but their influence flows; the images swim through the mind . . . long after the poems are read. This is a sign of the very best poetry, and I foresee revisiting this beautiful collection again and again."  William Wright
"Barr's is a profound poetry; to live with, mine for wisdom, and find our way by." Cynthia Hogue

Kaleidoscope, from Iris Press, available on released April, 2015.

Kaleidoscope was one of seven finalists in the Poetry Category for the Eric Hoffer Book Award in 2016.  It was also a finalist in 2017!

Former NC Poet Laureate Joseph Bathanti says: "Inside this book, this kaleidoscope, Tina Barr has packed a life and everything that has intersected with it.  You'll never return.  This is a poet at the height of her powers." 

Shara McCallum says, "The images that populate Barr's poems often veer towards the visceral and the surreal, her diction is an engine of apparently endless invention, and her vision is wide-ranging. . . . Kaleidoscope is a radiant collection."

Alice Friman states, "Kaleidoscope is aptly named, for here, in a riot of color, turn the bits and pieces of the world. . . . Barr has created a world filled with movement, shimmer, and sound.  Even the bubbles in the tub 'sparkle and hiss.'"

The Gathering Eye, winner of the Tupelo Press Editor's Award. North Adams, Massachusetts: Tupelo Press, 2003. (chosen from over 1,000 entries) 

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"Tina Barr is our Arachne, weaving her intricate, glowing tapestries to reveal, not the crimes of the gods, but the crimes of men--together with the sensual opulence, intensified by desire, that the world offers.  In her fearless vision through the beaded curtain, there is no division between art and nature, nor any border between horror and beauty---woven as they are on the same deep-dyed loom."

--Eleanor Wilner

These daring poems - by turns ferocious, opulent, combustible, delicate - undertake many projects. They testify to brutalities visited upon body and spirit, trace the jagged shapes of past terrain, and, in the book's lush middle section, 'Red Land, Black Land,' investigate the complicated sensuality of contemporary Egypt.

Daughter, sister, lover, foreigner - however refracted, Tina Barr's vision is steadfast: actual things make the world, and she honors their profusion at every turn. Infused with both spririt and intention, these poems embody their deepest belief: 'all that is outside can also be woven in.'

--Lia Purpura

"These are eloquent narrative poems; poems of great power, passion and beauty.  They are made with rigor and clear-eyed wonderment.  Barr's gaze is brave and unblinking.  She looks, with lyrical intensity, deep into the most mysterious and ambiguous areas of human interaction.  Reading Tina Barr we travel--not only to China, Egypt, Maine and the South--but down into the rhythmic places of love and renewal.  A long time coming, this book is a treasure.  Bravo."

--Clarence Major


  Red Land, Black Land, winner of the 2002 Longleaf Press Chapbook Contest. Fayetteville: Methodist College Press, 2002. 
  The Fugitive Eye, winner of 1996 Painted Bride Quarterly Poetry Chapbook Contest, selected by Yusef Komunyakaa. Philadelphia: Painted Bride Quarterly Press, 1997. 

"In sixteen finely-tuned poems, Tina Barr's The Fugitive Eye traverses a substantial psychological and emotional tableau.  This poet's straightforward compass needle quivers over a lived territory, with nuanced detours into through a fruitful imagination, and her poems are always important imagistic ventures into our modern psyche.  Here's poetry that entertains and challenges.  Through mythology, pragmatic psychology, and a near-blues insinuation, The Fugitive Eye coaxes us to see ourselves in truth-seeking reflections.  This collection works because each poem dares the reader."

--Yusef Komunyakaa
At Dusk on Naskeag Point     At Dusk on Naskeag Point, winner of the Flume Press Annual Poetry Chapbook Contest, selected by David Wojahn. Chico, California: Flume Press, 1984. 

POETRY - Literary Magazines                                                                    

      "The Gamble," "Abu 'Umayr, what happened to the nightingale?"  
        V.1 (Summer, 2018) American Journal of Poetry

      "Mirror, Mirror," "Genie."  Louisiana Literature (forthcoming)

      "Eclipse." Tar River Poetry

     "Blue Cone," "Target with Four Faces, Jasper Johns, 1958,"
      "Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet, They Shall Be White
       as Snow," "Incurable," "Ghost Variations," "Fire,"
       Barrow Street Review (forthcoming)

      "At a Bar Called Mamzelle's," "Wing."  Hanging Loose 109    
       (2018): 13-14. 

      "Target with Plaster Casts, Jasper Johns, 1955."  Valparaiso Poetry          Review   XIX.1 (Fall/Winter 2017/2018).    
       /valparaiso-poetry-review/2018/01    /04/tina-  

       "Until the Cows Come Home." Zone 3 32.2 (2017): 36-38. 

       "Tock Tank." Cleaver Magazine 20

       "Green."  Cleaver Magazine 18

       "Mayhem," "Einstein's Floating World." Texas Review 
       38: 1&2 (2017):
       "White Target, Jasper Johns, 1957." American Book Review
       38.3 (2017): 7.

       "Green Target, Jasper Johns, 1955."  Alaska Quarterly
Review  33.3 & 4 (2017): 205.

       "Playing Possum."  Crab Orchard Review  21.2 (2017): 142-143.

       "This Is Not a Poem About a Cucumber."  34.1 Louisiana 
        Literature.  (2017): 8. 

        "Hourglass."  The Atlanta Review.  Fall (2016): 12.    

       "Jewelweed."  New Orleans Review  Fall (2016)

       "Still Life."  PoemMemoirStory 15 (2016): 8-9.  

       "Gospels in a Jar."  Gargoyle 64 (2016): 67-68.

       "Pot of Gold."  Cleaver Magazine  13 (2016)

       "The Sower," "Here Be Dragons."  Connotation Press: An
       Online Artifact  VII.2 (2015)

       "Green Moment."  Kestrel 34 (2015): 131.

       "White Light."  Broad River Review 47 (2015): 20-21.

       "Secrecies." Kakalak (2015): 41.

       "Jailbait," "Beauty." (Darger Series)  Hotel Amerika 
         13 (2015):  47-48.

       "Exotic Manure."  Tar River Poetry 55.1 (2015): 40.

       "Blue Fawn." Brilliant Corners  19.1 (2014): 17-19.

       "The Herd."  Town Creek Poetry VIII: 2 (2014)

        "Agricultural Fair,"     "Threat," "Haiti's Babies," "The Dark 
       Vegetables." The Gettysburg Review 27.3 (2014) 388-391.  /selections/poetry/

       "The Raggle Taggle Gypsies," Kakalak (2014): 68.

       "At the Infirmary," Valparaiso Poetry Review XV: 2 (2014)

       "Morphic Fields," The Chattahoochee Review 34.2 & 3 (2014):
       "The Rock of St. Peter," Pisgah Review 7. 1 (2013): 59-60.

"The Tear of Fire," "In This Neighborhood," "Souvenir," "The Cleaning Lady's Son." Boundary 2 online (Poetry Blog, Fall, 2010).

"Golden Moon Casino," Chapter 16 an online publication from Humanities Tennessee, (Fall 2010).

"Dessert," "Sparrows Vision," Limestone (2009): 14, 20.

"Guns Not For Sale," New South 2: 2 (2009): 55.

"The Ecology of Atlas," (Honorable Mention, Mississippi Review Prize) The Mississippi Review 37: 1 & 2 (2009): 126-7.

"Kaleidoscope of Saints." Shenandoah 59: 1(2009): 102.

"The Reading Room Deck," "Date." Parthenon West 6 (2009): 157-158.

"Before the Prophet's Birthday," "Zabiba," "Lipoma." Witness XXII (2009): 52, 141-143.

"The Guardians of Chocolate." The Mississippi Review 36: 1 & 2 (2008): 145.

"Blue Rose." Brilliant Corners 12: 2 (2008): 5

"They Attempt to Hide in the Fiddle Cases," "Henry Darger Comes to Lakebottom Park," "Orphanage Wars." Notre Dame Review 26 (2008): 164-166.

"Shiny Brite," "Scope" (In the Kaleidoscope's Chamber). Annals of Scholarship 17.1 & 2 (2007): 17-21.

"Thieves." Crab Orchard Review 12:1 (2007): 22.

"Hour of the Cardinals." The Antioch Review 65:2 (2007): 319.

"Refuge," "Pilgrim." Arts & Letters, 15 (2006): 120-122.

"Friendlies." Southern Gothic (an online publication) Summer 2005.

"Scars," "The Golden Road," "Addiction," "Cotton." The Drunken Boat  Winter 2003.

"Mashrabeyah." Flyway (Arabic American Writing) 7.2-7.3 (2002): 36.

"Honey." The Antioch Review 60.2 (2002): 270.           (scroll down to find poem and click on it)

"The Purpose of Jewelry," "Aladdin's Lamp," "Eucharist." Notre Dame Review 14 (2002): 91-92.

"Audentes Fortuna Juvat." Poems and Plays 8 (2001): 33-34.

"Infusion," "True Religion." Crab Orchard Review 6.2 (2001): 48-50.

"Under the Lamp," "Eucharist." The Southern Review 37.4 (2001): 632-634. (featured on Poetry Daily)

"The Gardens of Babylon." "Voice from Mississippi." Reed Magazine. 54 (2001): 146-147.

"Under Flame Trees," "Bottom," "Markets," "Shangri La." Boundary 2 28.1 (2001):107-119.

"Aladdin's Lamp." Chelsea 68 (2000): 118-119.

"Here in Tennesse." The Exchange 9 (1999): 5

"Annunciation." West Branch 44 (1999): 102.

"Delta." Poems & Plays 6 (1999): 43-44.

"A Letting of the Self." The Exchange 7 (1998): 10

"Canary." The Harvard Review 15 (1998): 36-37.

"Ministry." Southwest Review 83.1 (1998): 93-94.

"Bellydancer," "Black Angels." One Trick Pony 3 (1998): 35-37.

"Creator." Brilliant Corners 2.2 (1998): 8.

"A Good Sport." American Poetry Review March/April 1998: 17.

"The Woman in the Carpet." American Poetry Review Philly Edition (Philadelphia Weekly) 1, Oct. 1997: 11.

"Three Nectarines." Boulevard 12-3 (1997): 135.

"White Glove." Philadelphia Inquirer 2, Mar. 1997: H4.

"Cul de Sac." Seven Arts July 1995: 23.

"Lethe." Denver Quarterly 4 (1994): 11.

"Between the House and the Sky." The Painted Bride Quarterly: a Poetry Retrospective (1973-1993) 50/59 (1993): 86.

"Rennaissance." American Writing 7 (1993): 42.

"Armless." The Harvard Review 2 (1992): 59.

"Magician's Tricks." Pequod 33 (1992): 40-42.

"For the Father-Poet: Nightmare." Six 1.2 (1992): 29.

"Bull Pasture." Boulevard 6.2-3 (l99l): 164-65.

"Twelve Dancing Princesses." The Paris Review 119 (l99l): 246-48.

"Blue Rotunda"; "The Gatekeepers." Chelsea 50 (l99l): 31-35.

"Fool's Gold." Crazyhorse 40 (l99l): 55-57.

"Borderline." Swamp Root 5 (l990): 78.

"New Voices"; "Recoil." Big Wednesday 2.1 (l990): 34-35.

"A Boy Dives From a Rock." Confrontation 42/43 (l990): 238.

"Red Binoculars." The Antioch Review 47.3 (l989): 327.

"Eel Boys"; "Fallen Stone Somewhere Deep in the Water." Swamp Root 1.4 (l989) 18-20.

"Lines." Swamp Root 1.2-3 (l988): 26.

"Circe." Poetry 152.6 (l988): 336-37.   (scroll down Table of Contents to find Tina Barr and click on "Circe." The poem is 2 pages, so click on the forward triangle to get to page 337.)

"Folding Laundry." American Poetry Review January/February l988: 47.

"For Etheridge." Painted Bride Quarterly 32/33 (l988): 113.

"For Don"; "Pipersville, Bucks County"; "The Shearing Force." Swamp Root 1 (l987): 26-29.

"Mowing." Poetry Northwest 28.3 (l987): 36-37.

"In the Garden." The Seattle Review 10.2 (l987): l08.

"Entrenched." High Plains Literary Review 2.l (l987): 29-30.

"North of Kennebunkport"; "Public Garden Above the Rhone."
Ploughshares ll.l (l985): 39-42.

"The Crossing." American Poetry Review May/June l985: 45.

"Nightmare 2." Painted Bride Quarterly 21 (l984): 9.

"Household"; "The Swim." Prairie Schooner 58.2 (1984): 18-19.

"Green Moths." Tendril 14-15 (1983): 19.

"Antique Shop"; "Nightmare 2." Asphodel 5 (1983): 11.

"Coming Back." Painted Bride Quarterly 20 (1983): 7.

"For O." Dark Horse 28 (1983): 3.

"Moving to the Country." The Beloit Poetry Journal 32.3 (1982): 30-31.

Featured Poet: Swamp Root 6 (l990): 16-31. "Dissembler"; "Antique Shop"; "Two Journeys Across the Lake"; "Snake"; "Buttonwood"; "Music Box"; "Green Moths"; "Cutaway"; "Underwater"; "Guardian."

Featured Poet: The Painted Bride Quarterly 28 (l986): 50-62. Introduction by Frank MacShane. "Between the House and the Sky"; "The Decade's Lesson"; "Arizona: The Watcher"; "In the Firehouse"; "Center Line, Route l, Brooklin"; "Easter, Vineland, New Jersey"; "October"; "Voice of a Dancer: Making An Aesthetic"; "Two Women"; "For Alice"; "Summer, St. Gerard des Laurentides."

POETRY - Anthologies

         "The Dark Vegetables," "Threat," "Nightwalks." Southern    Poetry
         Anthology.  Volume VII: North Carolina.  College Station,  TX:              
        Texas A & M Press: 2014: 40-42.        

         "Hour of the Cardinals," "Guns Not For Sale."  Southern Poetry 
          Anthology,Volume VI: Tennessee.  College Station, TX: Texas 
          & M Press:  2013: 33-34.          

"At Dusk on Naskeag Point," "Eclipse." From Dusk to Need, 25
Years of Flume Press Chapbooks
. Chico, CA: Flume Press, 2010: 2-3.

"The Purpose of Jewelry." Notre Dame Review: The First Ten Years. Ed. John Matthias & William O'Rourke. Notre Dame, IN: 2009, 17-18.

"The Purpose of Jewelry," "Mahmoud abd El Ghaffar's," "On the Loom." Deep Travel: Contemporary Poets Abroad. Rome, GA, Ninebark Press 2007: 27-34.

"Three Nectarines." Meridian Bound. Philadelphia: Meridian Writers Collective, 2000. 264.

"Circe," "Entrenched." A Different Latitude: An Anthology of Poetry. Ed. Hank Bernstein. Lawrenceville, NJ: Delaware Valley Poets, Inc., 1999. 5-7.

"Antique Shop." Editor's Choice III: Fiction, Poetry & Art from the U.S. Small Press (1984-1990). New York: The Spirit That Moves Us Press, 1991. 182.

"For Alice." Anthology of Magazine Verse & Yearbook of American Poetry 1986-88. Beverly Hills: Monitor Book Company, 1988. 590.

"Public Garden Above the Rhone." Annual Survey of American Poetry: 1985. Great Neck, New York: Roth Publishing, Inc., 1987. 10.

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